HVAC & Air Duct Cleaning Service

Air Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning in your residential and commercial environment is crucial we see all kinds of dirt and even dead animals as we clean ducts at our clients residence. It is important to understand why we need to clean air ducts.

The air we breath indoors is filtered by an HAVC system which sucks air from outside the house or building and then filters it so it is vital to clean the filters but what about the ducts?

The air ducts can accumulate a lot of dirt and sometimes even unwanted debris can be sucked in either from outside or if you did some renovation to your house or had a pest problem it might reach your air system and in turn you will inhale that air.

Duct Cleaning Henderson has several methods to clean your air ducts.We start by taping all the air exits and then a we insert a special powerful rotating hose in all your ducts which spins in high velocity to clean any dirt,spider webs and dead animals that sometimes get stuck there without your knowledge.

Then we go up to the roof and by using a powerful truck mounted vacuum we suck out all the dirt after the hose is done.In special cases a camera is inserted in the ducts to closer examine any clogged areas.

We provide the best service your money can get our technicians are professionals at their filed. Fell free to call us at 702-637-2007 to get your ducts cleaned.