Upholstery Cleaning Service

Professional Upholstery Steam Cleaning

Is it time to clean your couch or armchair?

We have the best upholstery cleaners in Henderson specializing in cleaning all types of furniture. Our service has the machinery and knowledge to clean your suede, leather, microfiber and any other fabric.

Leather Cleaning Services

Cleaning leather is a delicate task and requires a highly trained professional which will not damage your furniture. We have the skill and the right procedure to clean your leather efficiently and in a price that is adequate to your needs.

Suede Cleaning Services

Removing spots from suede can be hard task and if you intended to try DIY methods you should know it's very easy to ruin suede furniture and we do not recommend any methods you might find on the web such as a gum eraser or vinegar. These methods will only waste your time and ruin your couch. Our prices are fair and you can get a free quote anytime. Call us today and enjoy a clean sofa without wasting time and money.

Sofa and Love Seat Cleaning Services

Enjoying and relaxing on your expensive sofa is the reason you spent so much money on it but time has passed and your couch has suffered some abuse.

It could be coffee or wine stains or even pet urine from your pet. We can remove any type of stain or odor you have and bring back the shine to your furniture by cleaning the cushions and the base of your sofa.

We also clean recliners, armchairs, office chairs, sectionals, tweed and vinyl furniture and more. Call our office for further information about our upholstery cleaning service.

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